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viernes, 22 de abril de 2016

Short Block 3306 DI TA Spacer Plate Caterpillar.

Short Block 3306 DI TA Spacer Plate Cat , with Cylinder Block, Crankshaft, Connectind Rods, Bearings and Cylinder Piston kit complete with Liner and Ring Sets. 0R3613, 0R3612, 0R4944, 0R3611, 0R3706, 0R3610, 0R4946, 0R4956, 0R7444, 0R2078, 0R2080, 0R4948, 0R2555, 0R3044, 0R2556, 0R4949, 0R3259, 0R9206,

lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2014


Caterpillar® 3400DI Piston Update

The piston part number M-3780509 that will replace previous part numbers
M-2900017, M-9Y4004, and M-1W9372.
This new piston features an improved skirt profile and new anti-friction coating.

Contact for exact applications.

M-3780509 Body Assy. – Piston
M-CK3780509P Kit – Cylind

Caterpillar® 3406E and C15 Engine Applications

These sets include the injector seals and other gaskets needed to perform head replacement.
For 3406E Generator Set with Engine Serial Number– 8AZ1- Up, 9NN1-Up

For C15 Engines with Engine Serial Number- FFH, FFJ, FTH, FTJ
Generator Set Serial Number – C5E, NKL, X4R, C5H, PEC, C5L, 5NW, ZKA, CYY

Cummins® CELECT® Engine Applications

Part number M-4954880 Fuel Pump for Cummins®
applications including L10, ISM11, ISMe, QSM11 and N14 engines with the CELECT® fuel
system. The redesigned M-4954880 Fuel Pumps no longer use an external fuel cooling
tube. The redesigned pump is commonly referred to as the CELECT® 2.0 Fuel Pump.

Cummins® ISX15, QSX15 Engine Applications

New Thermostats for ISX and QSX engines.
The improved M-4318947 Thermostat features redesigned spring arms to support a higher
force return spring. The flange seal utilizes a 3 piece construction elastomeric seal.
Be sure to only use the M-4318947 Thermostat in single thermostat housing applications.
For double thermostat housing applications use M-4336659.